8:16 | January 17, 2017

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adidas Runners Stockholm

Bli en adidas runner med oss!! Ikväll är det säsongspremiär, första löprundan för i år tillsammans. Vi möts kl 18.30 på Regeringsgatan 71. Ska bli så kul! Det finns verkligen inget att känna sig stressad över, vi hjälper dig att hitta glädjen i löpning. Hoppas hoppas verkligen vi ses!

Kram Hannah

Become an adidas runner with us! Tonight is the 2017 season premiere, our first run together in the new year. Meet up is at 18.30 at the adidas hub at Regeringsgatan 71. I’m so pumped! I really hope to see some of you there. There is absolutely nothing to feel stressed or worried about. We are all there to help and enable you to find the happiness and joy in running. 

Xx Hannah

(I samarbete med adidas)

10:35 | January 14, 2017



Top – HERE // Tights – HERE (adlinks)

Hola! Hoppas ni mår topp! Nu har vi betat av en dag av kampanjplåtning här på Fuerteventura och en massa roliga aktiviteter. Det är så vackert här, verkligen helt fantastiska miljöer. Så underbart! Nu väntar en dag av surf, yoga, och hike varvat med kampnjplåtning. Full rulle men andra ord.

Ha en magisk lördag fina ni! Xx Hannah

Hola! Hope you’re having an amazing weekend so far! It’s day two here in Fuerteventura and we’ve already ticked off a day of shooting and so many fun activities. The scenery here is amazing, mind-blowing surroundingd and landscapes. On today’s agenda… surf, yoga on the beach, hike and a few shoots in in-between. Busy day, but so much fun!

Have an great saturday lovelies! Xx Hannah

9:28 | January 11, 2017


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Kickade igång den här onsdagen tidigt imorse med två tjejkompisar. Bästa bästa starten! Nedan hittar ni mitt pass som jag körde. Happy training!

Fashionablefit Training

A1. Back Squat – 4 x 15 (50 kg)

A2. One arm row 4 x 15 (12 kg)

B1. Bulgarian lunge with jump 4 x 15 (body weight)

B2. Lat pull down supinated grip 4 x 15 (35 kg)

C1. Barbell hip thrusters 4 x 15 (40 kg)

C2. Sumo squat with kettle bell with each foot on a step up board 4 x 15 (20 kg)

Note: Warm up with dynamic stretch and do A1 & A2 on lighter weight before commencing your working set. Super set A1 & A2, B1 with B2 and C1 with C2. Do each pair of exercises for a total 4 sets.  The weight at the end of each exercise is what I personally lifted and only for you reference. Always strive to progress with perfect form. Make sure you always have mind muscle connection, in other word lift a weight that you can control and where you can feel the right muscle for the movement are used and activated.

Happy Training!

9:12 | January 10, 2017




“Visualization is the process of creating pictures in your mind of yourself enjoying what you want. When you visualize, you generate powerful thoughts and feelings of having it now. The law of attraction then returns that reality to you, just as you saw it in your mind.” – The Secret

Happy Tuesday! Love Hannah <3

12:11 | January 6, 2017



One of my favorite spots for a coffee date in Stockholm

Your wish is my command! Jag ska sätta ihop en guide med några av mina favoritställen i Stockholm. Tills att den är klar tipsar jag om Scandic Haymarket som jag hyllat många gånger tidigare. Absolut älskar detta ställe. Såå drömmitt och fint! Och det finns mycket gott och hälsosamt att äta.

Your wish is my command! I’ve promised to put together a guide of some of my favorite spots in Stockholm. Until then I wanted to recommend Scandic Haymarket that I’ve talked about many times before. I absolutely adore this place, it’s like a dream. And they have loads of yummy and healthy options on the menu.