5:28 | October 24, 2016



Knit dress –

Boots –

Lace dress – Gina Tricot

Bag – Gucci

Sunglases – Nivida

Hoppas ni har haft en magisk helg! Nu när jag jobbar så extremt mycket med trängkläder har mitt intresse för vanligt mode ökat mycket mer, så kul! Vill såklart inte tröttna på träningsmode, så försöker klä upp mig mer tillvaradgas och inte bara springa runt i tights hela tiden, haha! Hoppas ni gillar det?

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Hope you’ve had an amazing weekend! Now that activewear constantly is on my mind, I’ve realized that my interest for “normal” fashion is increasing. I love fashion and always have but I’ve basically lived active wear for the past few years and sports fashion has been more of interest. So I’m really enjoining dressing up at the moment. I don’t want to byte sick of sports fashion so I can’t run around in my tights all a day, haha! Eventhough I kinda like that too! 

17:55 | October 22, 2016


Training & Exercise

img_2179img_2173Tights – click / Top – click / Sneakers – click (adlinks)  

Här är en av mina favoritövningar för magen, den bränner brutalt mycket om man får kontakt. Jag kör 12-15 reps på vardera sida. Perfekt övning att slänga in i en cirkel när man vill köra igenom hela kroppen. Se till att ni verkligen sträcker ut armen och förlänger kroppen så ni får med hela rörelsemönstret. Feel the burn!

Here’s one of my fav ab exercises. If you manage to really activate your abs you’ll feel an insane burn. Such a nice yet painful feeling, haha! I usually do about 12-15 reps n each side. It’s a perfect exercises to include in one of your full body workouts. Make sure you’re extending your arm so that you’re working with full range of motion in each repetition. Feel the burn!

17:38 | October 21, 2016


Inspiration & Motivation


“A place which a person associates with happiness, visualized as a means of reducing stress, calming down, etc.; (hence) a happy state of mind.” 

 “A place inside all of us where we are all happy and get the warm fuzzies.”

Everyday I have to work on staying connected  to my happy place. My happy place is a state of mind where I choose happy thoughts and I surround myself with positive vibes. Around certain people or in different environments finding peace and my happy place is easier and comes with a natural flow. However our minds can play tricks on us… and I for one can easily get caught in negative and doubting thoughts for a brief moment. That’s when I have to look within to find the strength that will navigate me back to happy thoughts.

Things that made me happy and calm today:

– Spending time with my amazing, smart, positive and beautiful friend (inside and out) Alexandra <3

– Receiving a video message from my brother and nephew <3 It warm my heart in an indescribable way!

– Allowing myself to relax and be okay with taking a little break from work.

– Listening to my intuition and stepping away from a situation/ encounter that is not brining the positive vibe it should.

 Happy Friday babes!!

16:14 | October 19, 2016



Vi kicked igång dagen med en hike i Runyon. Åh vad jag älskar LA och livsstilen. Skulle helt klart kunna spendera några månader här. Om ni inte hikat när ni varit här tidigare är det helt klart något ni måste bocka av. Nästa gång ska vi ta det i solnedgången.

We kickstarted our day with a hike in Runyon. Gosh I really love LA and the lifestyle. I could easily spend a few months here. 

LA Tip #3 : Hike! It’s such an LA thing to do and it’s so nice! 

16:38 | October 18, 2016


Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner,Travel

Lunch at Toast Bakery on 3rd

Såhär såg gårdagens lunch ut after träningen, riktigt fräscht. Längs 3rd finns det en mass härliga matställen, missa inte Toast bakery, Joans on Third, Kreation eller Little next door.

Yesterday’s post workout fuel, so fresh! Along 3rd there are plenty of nice spots for breakfast and lunch. Don’t miss Joans on third, Toast Bakery, Kreation or Little next door. 

LA Tip #2: Breakfast or lunch at Toast Bakery on 3rd. Try their spinach dip with nachos or sweet potato fries.