15:19 | November 16, 2014


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fashionablefitPhoto: Daniel Olsén – Shiny Happy People 

Vi alla har en story och går igenom riktigt svåra stunder i livet. Vi kämpar med olika saker och har olika förutsättningar. Vad vi dock har gemensamt är valet. Valet om att skapa ett positivt liv. Vi har styrkan inom oss att kämpa och blicka framåt. Vi kan övervinna de mörkaste stunder och skapa ett liv där våra mål och drömmar uppfylls.

Jag säger inte att det är lätt! Ibland är det riktigt tufft och det kräver mycket inre kraft och styrka för att orka kämpa vidare. Men du är stark och klarar det! Ge inte upp trots motgångar och svårigheter! Det blir bättre och vi kan skapa precis allt det där vi drömt om.

Tillsamamns är vi starkare tjejer!

Affirmation: I can overcome any setback in life. Pushing through the pain is getting easier and I will not give up until I succeed! 



We all have a story. Life throws us different challenges and battles to overcome. I believe that we all have one thing in common and that is; choice. The choice to choose to create a positive life despite all the struggles we face in our lifetime. We can overcome anything and create a life where all dream and goals are fulfilled.

I’m not saying it’s easy. It will be hard and tough, but you have the strength within you to keep fighting and move forward. You are strong and you can do fight through the pain! Don’t give up when it’s hard, keep fighting! It will get better…. and we can all create the life we dream of.

We are stronger together girls! 

Affirmation: I can overcome any setback in life. Pushing through the pain is getting easier and I will not give up until I succeed! 

19:42 | January 20, 2013


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It´s inspiring women Sunday again. This Sunday I wanted to bring attention to Bethenny Frankel, who is such a huge inspiration to me. Bethenny is the entrepreneur behind the Skinny girl margarita and many other products related to food and health. I have followed Bethenny´s journey to success for two years now and this women really inspires me. Imagine having a career like hers!  On her show “Bethenny ever after” she lets the viewers in on her therapy session as well as we get to follow her crazy life as a successful career women and a mother. She really motivates me to work hard for what I believe in and to not give up on my dreams. We all have our baggage  and are damaged goods in some way… Bethenny truly inspires to not let this stand in our way of success and keep working hard for the things we are passionate about. Don´t give up on your dreams girls, do what you love and are passionate about, success will come.

Note to self: Be patient! 

21:56 | January 12, 2013


Inspiration & Motivation,Inspiring Women Sunday
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It´s Inspiring Women Sunday! Everything about this women inspires me! Her music makes me want to dance when I´m down and her work ethic makes me feel that anything is achievable. Beyoncé is such a powerhouse, can´t wait for her documentary to come out (!!!) ♥