9:30 | May 17, 2016


FOOD DIARY,Lunch & Dinner

Chicken & Feta Salad from Babel Deli – So delicious!

Orientalisk mat är helt klart en storfavorit hos mig. Skulle nog kunna leva på hälsosamma meze-tallrikar, tröttnar liksom aldrig. Just nu bor jag granne med Babel Deli och lat som jag är blir det allt take away därifrån några gånger i veckan. Så satans gott!

If I had to pick one type of food for the rest of my life I would go for oriental. I think I could probably eat healthy meze day in and day out and not get bored of it. I just crave and love the flavors. I can be pretty lazy when it comes to cooking and luckily I live door to door with Babel Deli at the moment. Yep.. take out several times per week, so delish! 

22:25 | February 7, 2016


Fashionablefit Feb,FOOD DIARY

P2071610 IMG_1624Check out this menu, I had such a hard time choosing what to get. Delish!


  • Oats with fruit
  • Green Shot
  • Coffe


  • Raw bar
  • Watermelon


  • Avocado toast
  • Egg
  • Coffee


  • Chocolate & Licorice


  • Pizza

Some day’s are obviously not as clean as others and I’m totally fine with that. That’s balance for me. I use to struggle with guilt whenever I ate something that wasn’t “clean” but I realized that it’s a waste of my energy. I believe that the anxiety and stress some of us create in relations to food is far more harming to us than actually having a pizza or chocolate every now and then. If I ever regret eating something ? Well.., sure! If something makes me feel sick or I feel that this made my body feel really crappy I’ll try and choose something different the next time I crave something. Remember – I’m all about feeling good! Although I don’t want to deprive myself from treats I also believe in moderation in “moderation”. What I mean is that it’s not sustainable to give into cravings ALL the time – especially if you have a sweet tooth like mine, haha! On a serious note if you find yourself craving certain things it may be a sign that you’re lacking a vital mineral or vitamin.

Happy Eating!



7:25 | January 7, 2016


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IMG_9627IMG_9647IMG_9672IMG_9648IMG_9660Amazing post workout lunch at Grocer & Grind at Sunshine blvd in Broad Beach

Idag blev det milen på löpbandet, så härligt! Hade gärna sprungit ute men det var 30° redan vid 07.00 på morgonen så det kändes lite väl varmt. Efter träningen drog vi till ett magiskt ställe som Camerons kusin Orlanda visade oss. En meny som gav beslutsångest delux!! Absolut älskar hur de presenterar maten här, en upplevesle för både ögat och smaklökarna!

Kick started this Thursday with a 10k run on the tread mill. I would have gone for a beach run if it wasn’t already 30° at 07.00 am this morning.  After training we went for Lunch with Cameron’s cousin Orlanda. She took us to this amazing place with an incredible menu. Gosh.., I couldn’t make my mind up, so much deliciousness! I just love how Aussies present their food, an experience for both eyes and taste buds! 


10:40 | May 16, 2015


Breakfast,FOOD DIARY,superfood

IMG_8861 IMG_8845 A green morning to kick-start the weekend

Glad lördag på er! Hoppas ni mår topp?! Jag känner mig riktigt utvilad och nu även boostad med massa näring. Receptet på min gröna smootie hittar ni nedan. Ha en fin start på helgen hjärtan. Kram!!

Fashionablefit Greens for 2: 4 hand full of spinach / 2 tsp wheatgrass / 1 large banana / 4 cm fresh ginger ( I use a lot!!) / 1 lemon / 2 dl water / ice

Happy Saturday! Hope you’re feeling great! I feel so rested and now boosted wiht a lot of good stuff. See my Fashionablefit green smoothie recipe above. Have a great start to the weekend lovelies! Xx 

17:31 | April 16, 2015


Breakfast,FOOD DIARY

IMG_9179 IMG_9162 IMG_9159Breakfast for lunch today – yummy!! 

Frukost till lunch = Frunch! Jag trot de flesta kan hålla med om att frukost är det bästa och smarriagste målet på dagen?! Så idag blev det dubbelfrukost. Här ser ni dagens lunch: Resultatet av ett oerhört sug och lite lathet, haha! Enjoy!

Breakfast for lunch = Brunch! I think most can agree that breakfast is the most yummy meal of the day?! I love breakfast food. So today I had breakfast twice. On my plate: The result of breakfast food cravings and a bit of laziness, haha! Enjoy!