8:46 | January 31, 2016


Fashionablefit Feb,Inspiration & Motivation

IMG_1093Wearing Adidas from top to toe. 

It’s time to get Fashionablefit! I for sure need an extra push, so why not stay motivated by committing to three health goals and smash them together. Let’s do this..,

Fashionablefit Goals: 

  • 3 Fashionablefit workouts per week – I will post three workouts that we ALL need to complete each week. We’ll do the same workouts for the period and track our progression. I will continuously tell you how to progress and intensify your workouts to avoid plateauing.
  • Start the day with a positive affirmation – Using positive affirmation’s is in my opinion a powerful tool to create a positive life full of prosperity. Let’s start the day with positivity and go to bed with gratitude.
  • Something green every damn day – Juice, smoothie, green shot, big veggie plate – Whenever I get into a habit of having a little too much of sweets I tell my self to up the greens. Once I eat more greens I tend to crave less sweet stuff and naturally I choose better foods to fuel my body with. Let’s overdose on greens in feb!

Fashionablefit Workout 1: 

A1. Squat, 15 reps x 5 sets

A2. Bent over row, 15 reps x 5 sets

A3. Walking lunges, 15 reps x 5 sets

A4. Ball slams, 15 reps x 5 sets

A5. Plank jumping jax, 30 sec

A6. High knees on the spot, 30 sec

I personally will be doing “Workout 1” on Monday’s, “Workout 2” on Wednesday’s and “Workout 3” on Friday’s. Inbetween I will most likely do cardio sessions and thai boxing. So if you choose to be more active than our three Fashionablefit workouts do whatever makes you happy! Yoga, dance, box, pilates etc.. If three Fashionablefit workouts is all you want to do, great!!

Stay tuned for Workout 2 and 3, meal tips as well as affirmations to keep a positive mindset. Please comment below if you have any questions… I will get back to you asap so you all can get started! <3 Don’t forget to use the hashtag #fashionablefitfeb, wooohoo!

23:30 | January 30, 2016


Lifestyle,Sydney guide

IMG_0750P1300804P1300822Gluten free & vegan donuts from the Saturday Bondi farmers market – Love!

Min lördag kickades igång med ännu ett thai-pass på Bondi Icebergs, magisk och tuff start på helgen. Efter det promenerade jag bort till norra delen av stranden till Bondi Farmers Market som har öppet mellan 09.00-13-00 på lördagar. Glutenfria/veganska donuts och snittblommor fick följa med mig hem. Här kan man dock hitta allt från kokosnötter, ekologiska grönsaker, kallpressade juicer, nybakat bröd osv… Underbart! Värt ett besök.

I kickstarted my Saturday with another thai boxing session at Bondi Iceberg, such a lovely and tough way to start the weekend. After my workout I walked over to North Bondi to the Saturday farmers market, which is open between 9am-1pm. I got myself some glutenfree and vegan donuts and fresh flowers to take home. Love this market, so many healthy and wholesome things. Worth a visits! 

10:04 | January 29, 2016


Fashionablefit,Inspiration & Motivation

IMG_8054IMG_0115IMG_8233Get ready for Fashionablefit Feb! 

Då intresset var stort för en gemensam utmaning i februari (yay!!) har jag tagit fram något som jag kommer kalla Fashionablefit Feb! Har du inte kommit igång med ditt hälsoår 2016 än? Behöver du en extra push för att hålla motivationen uppe efter en rivstart i januari? Eller suktar du kanske efter en utmaning och pepp från ett härligt gäng tjejer? Oavsett anledning tycker jag att det känns enormt kul att vi gör något tillsammans. Jag har satt upp tre mål i Fashionablefit-anda som jag tror kan göra oss alla gott och bidra till en bättre hälsa oasvett individuella mål. För att hjälpa er att uppnå dessa mål har jag tagit fram träningspass, kostråd samt affirmationer som jag kommer publicera här i bloggen under helgen. Min tanke är att vi ska checka in och boosta varndra genom att använda hashtaggen #fashionablefitfeb. Under februari månad kommer jag peppa och boosta er så mycket jag bara kan. Jag kommer kommunicera mer tydligt vad en Fashionablefit livsstil innebär. Och förhoppningsvis kan ni kanske anamma några av de rutiner och verktyg jag själv använder för ett bättre välmående.

Vad säger ni tjejer låter det bra? Är ni taggade?? Det är iallafall jag, woohoo!

I’m so thrilled that many of you were keen to do a challenge in February together, yay!! I’m calling it Fashionablefit Feb! Maybe you haven’t kick-started your healthy 2016 yet? Or maybe you need a new push to boost your motivation? Or maybe you are just looking to challenge yourself and step outside your comfort zone? Well.., regardless of what your goal is I’m so happy that we can all do something together. I have set three goals á la Fashionablefit lifestyle that I think will have a positive impact on our health regardless of our individual goals. To assist you in achieving these goals I have designed workouts, meals and affirmations to help you. I will post these here on the blog during the weekend. My objective is that together we can help motivate and inspire each other during Feb. Let’s use the hashtag #fashionablefitfeb and check in on one another. 

What do you guys think? Excited?? I sure am!! Woohoo!


23:08 | January 28, 2016


Cam's weekly tip

Alcohol consumption / Training

Me personally I haven’t had a drink in almost 6 years. My reasoning behind this is that I just don’t like the taste and if I’m in a social gathering I don’t need a drink to be social. For those of you who like a drink I would say this.., from a health perspective drinking alcohol not mixed with sugars or beers are the better option. Alcohol beverages like straight vodkas or whiskeys are a better choice. Red wine although it contains sugar, also contains Resveratrol which is an antioxidant that helps fight the ageing process and is good for the heart just to name a couple. One or two glasses is not going to harm you… having 5 or more is where the problem starts.

I tell my clients if they do drink, drink the straight stuff until they feel happy. When you start walking like James Brown down the street thats an indication that you’ve had too much. Also what this means is that you’re hurting your natural growth hormone in the body.

As always feel free to ask any questions. / Cameron

3:42 | January 28, 2016



IMG_0700IMG_0691IMG_0673IMG_0683At MAXCONNECTORS office in-between meetings – Office goals!!

Glad torsdag fina! Jag har haft en grym och fullspäckad morgon av möten med min agentur Maxconnectors. Här är några snapshots från deras kontor, helt sanslöst snyggt och inspirerande. Allt är vitt, luftigt och fräscht men inslag av betonggolv, marmor och snygga detaljer. Man vill bara flytta in!

Nu blir det evntuellt ett thai-boxningspass, men vi får se är så sjukt trött! Hörs snart! Kramar <3

Happy Thursday lovelies! I’ve had another great and busy morning of meetings with my agency Maxconnectors. Here are few snapshots from their office, I mean office goals!! Love all the white, black, marble and concrete detailing, so gorgeous! I just want to move in! 

Now.., probably a thai-boxing class. I’m so tired though so we’ll se if I’ll make it. Chat soon! Xx