21:35 | September 30, 2012


Snack,Sunday Treats

I THINK THIS LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN SPEAKS FOR ITSELF!! I HAD FOUR! …well,naturally is a sugar-free chocolate range by Vitality Brands and come in a variety of different flavours. Here come the annoying part though, when I clicked on their website here the page for “where to buy” was under contraction. Hopefully they are working on worldwide shipping ; )

For my Aussie followers I got them from Woolworths – and they are a must try! Any of you Swedish girls who knows about a great tasting chocolate sweetened with stevia?

7:57 | September 30, 2012



SOME PICS FROM TODAY´S “MOSY” as Cameron likes to call it.  Not a 100% sure what it exactly means but probably some sort of Aussie slang, haha! Before today´s BBQ with family and friends we went down to Balmoral, one of my favourite spots here in Sydney. I love coming down here on the weekend, so relaxing and beautiful.

Oh, I have found a milk chocolate sweetened with stevia that is beyond amazing, so creamy! I´ll post it a bit later. Now – skype meeting with a new girl, yay!

21:54 | September 29, 2012


Breakfast,Inspiration & Motivation

WHAT A WEEK LADIES! I thought I would have a relaxing week just getting over the jetlag, but no way did that happen! So excited though, I have many new girls getting on their new Fashionablefit programs and girls getting on new ones! Never forget to change it up girls every thirds or fourth week to keep seeing results!

I´m sort of shocked and amazed over how much my blog and training system has grown over the last two months. I can´t wait for the day when Fashionablefit is a known method in the fitness industry just like cross-fit and all other great training systems. I know I´m getting ahead of myself, haha! But you gotta dream BIG, right! It really goes to show that if you belive in what you do and you are passionate about it, at some point success will come your way! Work hard, be stubborn and be humble and the sky is the limit for what you can achieve!

Being jetlag is awesome in one way, it´s like I´m awake when the entire world is asleep. I get so much work done! I´m just waiting for my friend Marique to wake up so Sunday Runday can begin! Woooo! Later BBQ and Sunday treat, yum! XoHannah

9:38 | September 29, 2012


Lunch & Dinner,Nutrition


Chicken seasoning:

Parsley / Salt / Pepper / Chilli / Ginger / Turmeric

If you are a hungry girl and love eating a lot of food but still want to keep your portion control in trim, this is a perfect meal. The carbs, the  fibre in the beans and the protein really fills you up! So many girls are afraid of eating carbs and think that the low carb high protein / high fat diet is the only way to go. Since I have started to incorporate more carbs such as sweet potato, quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice cakes I feel so much more energized!  I have more energy to power through my workouts and finish them off with sprints. I feel like I can give even more  with crabs in the body. Carb is a brain food so heaving carbs in the morning or during the day is a great way of keeping your brain alert. If you´re studying or work long hours I would say at least have some fruit with your breaky to feed that brain of yours! How much carb to have obviously depends on your fitness goal!

I´m going bananas over my protein banana pancakes I´m having right now, sooo good!