6:01 | March 31, 2012


Inspiration & Motivation

IT IS FRIDAY NIGHT, I AM  the only one left at the office and I AM the only person left in the gym. I am not a mad workaholic that has gone insane, I am just very dedicated to the things that are important to me, haha… Monday is the first stop on our big tour around Sweden. I have in total booked around 5000 students and we have some of the largest companies in the world with us! IT IS FREAKIN INSANE! So you probably understand why the Project Manager is still at the office late and hitting the gym, when all the “normal” people are celebrating the weekend. I can´t belive this is it! We are about to make this massive project happen….

Time to hit the gym again and then back to the office, I just cannot relax right now, too many antz in my pantz! Enjoy your Saturday guys!

Ps. Don´t forget Earth Hour tonight 20.30PM -21.30PM local time!!!!!!! Switch of the lights for the planet, let´s not compromise future generations right to this earth!

xoxo Hannah

12:52 | March 29, 2012


Shopping & Outfits

When you achieve something great reward yourself!  Something I have learned during my years  of studying is the importance of celebrating your success. I´m one of those people who is already on the next goal before I even celebrate and  reward myself for the one I just achieved. What I have started to do is to decide the reward for a particular goal before I have even achieved it. This way I can force myself to take a moment and celebrate my achievements, and not rush into the next thing without rewarding  myself for all the hard work. It is so important to reward yourself for all the hard work you do!

I have been craving new chucks for a long time and this was my reward for working so hard at work and lifting 80 kg with no problem.

xoxo Hannah

20:14 | March 28, 2012



/// TOP, H&M /// SHOES, ZARA /// PANTS, ZARA ///

Do I look BIG and BULKY? Well I wouldn´t  describe myself as big nor bulky, more like toned. Toned isn´t that what most girl wants to be? Toned and defined muscles but not too much. Well if I told you that I deadlifted 80 kg today for 6 reps x 4 sets after squatting 50 kg for 8 reps x 4 sets would you believe me? Lifting heavy can absolutely get you big and bulky, but it can also get you lean and toned!

If you could half the time you spend in the gym and at the same time double your results, would you believe me? I have experimented on myself for such a long time now with both high reps and light weight versus low reps and heavy weights. Lifting heavy seriously works effectively! Again, I believe in minimal breaks between exercises as well as a  balanced diet that won´t get you bulky.

It was such an amazing rush lifting that weight today!

xoxo Hannah

16:44 | March 27, 2012


Training & Exercise

This is what I am doing right NOW!

This is “Day 1” on my new program – I´m loving lifting heavy and lower reps at the moment! Notice that I have NO BREAK or just the time it takes to walk to the next exercise. That is one of my secrets to stay Fashionablefit! I have designed this program so that I have a three – day – split. This means that I have three different routines that I rotate over the week, so this week I will be doing “Day 1” and “Day 2” two times this week. That way I´m adding up to my five sessions. Get it?

You know what to do if you want to get on a Fashionablefit training program and get your hands on the two missing days 🙂

xoxo Hannah