8:13 | September 30, 2011

Back in Stock at ZARA


Thought I would tell you guys that I noticed that my two favourite pieces from ZARA is back in stock, or at least in the Sydney store.

This bag is my everyday key accessory, the oversized bag really works for me as I´m always carrying around my training clothes. The heels are to die for, plus they make my legs look longer, which is never a bad thing. 
7:35 | September 30, 2011

Low Carb High Fat Bread (LCHF Bread)


Good afternoon guys,

I have found the perfect substitute for bread, forget about that bread loaf high in carbs and full of gluten, time to get into eating bread high in protein and good fats.

Yesterday I did something that I have been wanting to do for such a long time. So many are praising and going nuts over the LCHF bread so I decided to bake it myself. This girl inspired me to make some research and translate all the ingredients from swedish into english so I could find them in the grocery store.

I used PT Fia´s recipe as an inspiration however I did tweak it a little bit to put my Fashionablefit stamp on it!

You need:

400 ml (4 dl) LSA (Grounded Linseed- Sunflower- Almond)

30 ml (2 msk) Psyllium Husk

250 gram Quark

6 eggs

10 ml (2 tsk) of Baking Powder

5 ml (1 tsk) of Salt, Cinnamon, cardamom, Cloves, Caraway seed, Honey

Add chopped apricots, raisins, hazelnuts, pumpkin kernels, Sunflower kernels, sesame seeds as much as you like.

Mix together and place it in a loaf-form, garnish with whatever seed you like. Bake for 70-80 minutes in the oven on 170 degrees.

This (LCHF) low carb high fat fruit loaf is seriously beyond delish. It is so delish that I feel like I´m eating something really bad for me. This bread is made out of pretty much only protein, fibre and omega 3! How amazing is that!

I´m so over trying bad substitutes in exchange for the real thing. There are so many bad attempts out there trying to promote a healthier option that just taste like crap. I rather not have it than settle for the copy cat that won´t hit the spot.

It´s like getting a fake designer bag. If you buy that fake PRADA bag, you´re always going to know that it´s a fake and it will never make you feel completely satisfied as if you would have gotten the real deal. However this bread is out of this world and not the second best thing. It´s doesn´t even feel like a substitute, it´s more like getting a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag oppose to getting a Marc Jacobs bag. Like my analogy? Hahaha!

What I´m saying is that this is such a delish bread that tastes like the real deal and hits the spot like the real deal, however it has so many more benefits oppose to the traditional fruit loaf.

Guys it seriously took me 10 minutes to mix it all together! Bake it NOW, you will die!

6:25 | September 29, 2011

Obsession with Cute Training Outfits



Just came back from my workout, I´m loving training at the moment. Since I´m not stressing as much I feel like I take my time to do everything properly and not rushing through the routines. I have a little bit of an obsession with cute training outfits at the moment. This is the new top I got from Lorna Jane for 40 AUD on sale!

I absolutely love the stuff, however I do think training clothes are so freakin pricy. Obviously you get what you pay for, which is great quality and garments that will last you forever. My only issue is that training clothes I rather trash and exchange frequently as the clothes gets sweaty and daggy. Can someone please design some really hot and cute training clothes that are affordable if you´re on a budget. Still, I do think it is worth getting a cute training outfit from retailers like Lorna Jane every now and then to spoil yourself.

I would recommend to invest in a new training outfit now that a lot of the clothes are on sale!

2:27 | September 29, 2011

Healthy Snack for Late Night Cravings


Healthy Snack for Late Night Cravings!

When you eat low carb dinners in general it sometimes leaves you unsatisfied and with late night cravings. My new thing has been to search for healthy snacks that really hits the spot, when my cravings takes over my disciplined mind.

I have a few tricks up my sleeves, but today I´m indtroducing you to a techniques that many body builders and fitness models use.

Organic almond butter is my new little trick that I treat myself with when the late night cravings kicks in. Peanut butter is also a really good alternative and prefered by many. Please make sure that it is pretty much pure peanut or almond butter and that the quality is good. Stay away from the ones that is loaded with sugar. So for those who are thinking Nutella, think again!

Ok, time to get some new passport photos done and hit the gym. Seriously getting through all of these processes and requirements for the Visa application to stay in this country will be the end of me. But what don´t you do for LOVE! Haha…


11:08 | September 28, 2011

Fashionablefit Circuit Training


On request I´m kick starting my video blog through theorebmethod´s You Tube channel.

I do a lot of circuit training as it promotes fat loss and keeps me toned and  lean. This is the circuit I did today, note that I´m only demonstrating the exercises and not performing the full rep range.

For each excercise you should be doing a minimum of 12 reps, however you need to change the rep range every couple of weeks as the body adapts to reps the fastest. This means that you need to keep changing the rep range (suggested every third week) to see the best results.


Let me know if you guys thinks this is helpful and if it gives you a better idea of what to do when getting into the gym?