9:11 | August 29, 2011

Sunday Sweets


My sunday cheat meal was a bag of chocolate obsession! Chocolate covered, hazel nuts, cashews, macadamia, almonds, yogurt apricots, yogurt cluster, almonds and  chocolate mint  chip cluster, I die!

The mix of chocolate covered nuts and dried fruits is one of my absolute favourite when I get sweets back home in Sweden. It is called natural candy and you pick and choose yourself. However this was not the case here.

I got the chocolate in Chatswood Westfield from this little chocolate counter. A nice asian man was serving me, but he was giggling and looking at me in a weirdly as I was picking out the chocolates I wanted. When I was about to pay he said “this is a very strange mix, haha”. How do you respond to that? I have no idea why he felt the need to laugh at me or think that I was strange, but my mix was amazing! haha…

9:53 | August 28, 2011

What supplements Should I take?


Hi everyone,

Hope you guys are having a great weekend?!

When it comes to what supplements to take it is a constant debate. What I choose to do is I get Cameron to do my bio signature, which is a pinch test over twelve sites which relates to hormones in your body. What this means is that it can tell you what´s wrong with you internally and depending on where you hold fat will indicate what vitamins and minerals you are lacking.

So I want to share what supplement I choose to take, and the emphasis is on choose!

If I could have it my way, I would choose to only eat the foods that contains all the vitamins and minerals you need for an internal and external health. However this is not the reality!  As we all know that meat and  vegetables are not as rich in vitamins and minerals as they once were. I therefore feel the need to complement my diet with additional supplementation to support my inner health and recovery from training.

This is what I take in the morning with my breakfast. I have half the meal and then I take 2x Zinc, 1 D3 Excellence, 1 Digestive enzyme and a table-spoon of fish oil.

With lunch I have zinc and digestive enzyme, and with dinner I have digestive enzyme and fish oil.

Why zinc?

Zinc boost immunity, and fixes all nutrient deficiencies. Further zinc is a great supplement that promotes fat loss around your thighs, which is one of my problem areas.

Why fish oil?

Why not, it is good for everything!

Why digestive enzyme?

Helps break down protein and helps absorption of all nutrient in the food.

Why D3?

D3 is a vitamin from the sun that has anti cancer properties, helps reduce fat,  increase brain function and development, boosts the immune system, protects your heart and it helps with depression.

This is a supplement I would recommend to everyone, but especially for you Swedes that only see the sun half of the year.

Remember that the supplementation is based on individual deficiencies and lack of nutrients. However the supplementation I take is quite a standard and can be a positively complement in anyones diet.

Contact Cameron if you are interested in doing your  individual bio signature or purchasing supplements here!

7:15 | August 26, 2011

Fighting cravings?



I´m so excited about the weekend! I have so much studying to do, but I´m still so excited to be able to sleep past 7am. Isn´t it scary when your body is set on exactly the time you are ment to get up. This has happened to me the last couple of mornings. I have seriously opened my eyes from deep sleep just before the alarm goes off. So funny how the body works…

I have probably said this before but thought I would reinforce how effective this little technique is if you are fighting cravings. Yesterday was a perfect example of how I was  set up to give into cravings. I finished early from school and training, and I hadn´t prepared my second lunch. I wanted something there and then, which often results in giving into cravings and eating something you really didn´t want to eat. I thought about what Jeff a personal trainer in North Sydney told me about sparkling water.

I got myself a bottle of sparkling water and some cashew nuts for the bus ride home to keep me going until I got home. I know it may sound a bit obvious, but it is something to keep in mind when you are on the edge to give into cravings. It really helps get those cravings away, however drink with moderation…


3:23 | August 25, 2011



Eat Yourself Sexy!

I was on the treadmill last night and I saw this commercial for a new show called “Eat Yourself Sexy”. I have no idea if the show will actually be good, however I loved the concept and the title of the show. It is everything I stand for! I don´t believe in starving yourself, I believe in eating the healthy diet that suits you and that will give you the results you strive for. You can eat yourself sexy (“Your perception”) by having a clear view of what makes you feel sexy and having a complementary diet to achieve that view. It is not that hard, you just have to have a clear goal and be realistic about it.

I feel sexier every day, and not because I´m starving myself, but because I´m workin hard. I have a clear goal of what makes me feel sexy, and I´m consistant in trying to achieve this goal.

Regardless of goal, I would argue that you have to eat solid meals. Don´t skip meals, you need to be eating throughout the day, especially if you want to promote fat loss. Skipping meals are only going to slow down your metabolism, and you won´t see those desired results you have working so hard to achieve in the gym. A snack is a snack not a proper lunch or dinner!

To make this a little bit easier, this is how I eat myself sexy:

A Fashionably fit typical day:

Breakfast: One boiled egg with half of avocado, hand full of nuts, one kiwi or some blueberries and green tea.(Supplements: Zinc, Digestive enzyme, D3, and Fish oil.)

Snack: Green tea and hand full of nuts

Lunch 1: Steamed blue eye cod, or some other fish, with steamed vegetables. (Supplements: Digestive enzyme, and Zinc)

Lunch 2: Steamed fish again with different vegetables. (Supplements: Digestive enzyme, and Zinc)

Snack: Hand full of nuts

Dinner: Steamed Salmon with organic pesto, stir-fried cabbage, leek and mushrooms. (Supplements: Digestive enzyme and fish oil)

It is so easy eating yourself sexy!

Like theorebmethod would have said “You Gotta Look Sexy”

2:11 | August 24, 2011

Consistency is KING


Hi there,

I had a really busy day at work yesterday, again I didn´t really take a break so I didn´t get a chance to blog. It was a good day though, I was working constantly from 8.15am to 6.10pm. After work I went straight to the gym for a 35 minute sprint session.

I´m now in my third week of having majority fish in my diet. The first week I could see some great results, not worthy to blog about though. The second week, I felt like I was hitting a plateau. Probably due to my stress levels as well as not having the time to train as hard. I was still consistent with my diet and training, even though it could have been better.

Yesterday I felt so bulky and that my progress was going backwards. Having that said, when I put on my old Cheap Monday jeans this morning, they were significantly looser fitting. I was really surprised how loose they were around my legs and waist.

My point is motivation will come and go, so don´t stress too much about it!

I can so relate to a busy schedule and finding it challenging to do it all. The key thing is that consistency is KING! Even though I felt frustrated that I didn´t have the time or motivation to train as hard as I would have liked to, I stayed consistent. I was still following the diet as well as dragging myself into the gym even if it was only for 35 minutes. Because I have been consistent I´m still seeing results. Results that obviously could have been better, but that’s ok!