8:40 | July 29, 2011

Melbourne here we come!


Time to pack the last things and drive out to the airport, I´m so excited. We are staying here at THE OLSEN

Is there anything better than staying at a really nice hotel?

Can´t wait to tuck into these crispy white sheets

Cameron did a really good job booking 🙂

Kitchen off course so Cam can cook all his million meals a day!

I´ll be lending a classic Kronan from the hotel cycling around in Melbourne, that can be my exercise 🙂

 xxx Hannah

3:51 | July 29, 2011

Melbourne Next, Yes Thankyou!


Lunch break and I´m dreaming about being on that flight to Melbourne, it is going to be a lot of studying but still I cain´t wait! Only three hours left 🙂

As promised I made Cameron lamb meatballs, they are so delicious and easy to make. One egg, olive oil, lamb herbs, fresh parsley, garlic and then add some salt & pepper.

It ended up being very mediterranean inspired dinner, with kidney beans, carrots, greek yoghurt, parsley&tomato saled with Lemon juice. Aah this was so good I could eat this every night!

Ok, back to work!


5:47 | July 28, 2011

Fashionably fit Dinner Suggestion


Hello  there,

It has been another busy day with classes and trying to finish off one of my assignments. I´ve been really productive today though, I just finished one of them and now I just have to start on the second one that is due next week as well. I really admire everyone working hard in school, interning as well as working, it is seriously crazy! I might be doing some more office work next week which will be interesting to see how I will cope with everything. In order for me to get things done I ned to be working with a list of priority, that is my strategy for time management, otherwise its impossible for me.

 Fashionably fit Dinner Suggestion:

Last night´s dinner was grilled chicken seasoned with a lot of nice herbs, steamed pumpkin and kale. I absolutely love pumpkin, its sweet and it has kind of the same texture as potato but so much better for you. Both kale and pumpkin is superfoods loaded with nutrition!

Speaking of time management, class finished at 11.30am and it is almost 4pm now and I have not moved once from the computer. Where did the time go?

I´m craving raw cashew nuts so that will be my next task to get.  Then train, then grocery shop, then make lamb meatballs (request from my man),pack for Melbourne,clean the house, and potentially more studying. Oh my God!

What´s your trick for time management?


11:23 | July 27, 2011

How to tone abs, butt, hamstrings, legs, back in one exercise!


Here comes an exercise that will tone your abs, butt, hamstrings, legs and back in one exercise!

Barbell Bent knee deadlift: Starting position, remember to keep your lower back flat. I´m obviously this low in the starting position because the plates/weight on the barbell is small and light.

Pull up the weight in a controlled movement, you will feel your abs, back, hamstring and butt working.

Come all the way up and lock, then start to lower the weight again towards the floor. For the bent knee deadlift, start bending your knees rather than having them stiff when you are lowering the weight. I found that the bent knee deadlift works your abs and back so much more than the stiff leg deadlift. The stiff leg deadlift puts a lot of focus on your hamstrings, which is great if that´s what you are after.

I won´t have enough time to do a weight session at the gym today, my work took so much longer then I though. That is however no excuse! I can still fit in a sprinting session of 35 minutes before i´ts time for my dinner date. If you are not tired work around your limitations, you will thank yourself for it. It worked out perfect anyway as the two past days have been weight sessions.

Have a great evening!

2:00 | July 27, 2011




Yesterday was the second day at my internship and I was flat-out busy from 8.30 am to 6 pm, I had no time to blog. I like that I´m busy though, I get to do and learn so much which is great. I would hate it if I was just sitting around doing nothing, I would lose my mind! Yesterday I helped one of the girls in the office with her not-for profit client and tasks related to the upcoming campaign. Good day!

Today I´m back at school and I have so much to do. If I get some time after class, I´m going to run past the office for another  PR training/workshop with Launch. We are going to Melbourne this weekend with Cameron’s brother, wife and baby Tiani, so I really need to get a lot of work done. I´m so excited to go to Melbourne, Cameron has booked a really nice hotel. I can´t wait…

I really want to stress my tip about having several mini lunch boxes. Seriously when you are really busy you need to eat frequently. My brain is absolutely fried if I don´t eat or have a snack at least every third hour. Having mini lunch boxes just makes it so much easier, and it takes you a minute to feed your brain a little bit before you go back to work, or eat as you are working like I do. Consequently by doing this you are also speeding up your metabolism and promoting fat loss…

Now, back to work!