8:16 | June 30, 2011

Morning Run


Time to get up and go out for a morning run

I woke up with the worst headache, but I don´t care because the sun is shining!

My running track

Stopped to pick some blueberries

Seriously there is nothing that can beat a Swedish summer

13:47 | June 29, 2011



Last night we had dinner at Josefina with Marcus and Beatrice.

These two sweet cookies were starving

For starters; Tuna Sashimi

Main course; Röding (Arctic charr) with roasted beetroot and goat cheese.

Thank you Marcus for a beautiful dinner!

14:57 | June 28, 2011

Lunch @ Djurgården


Café Ekorren at Djurgården

It´s so nice and beautiful here, I highly reccommend it!

We started the lunch with a räkmacka (shrimp sandwich).

Cameron is a big fan of shrimps, loaded with zinc off course!

Main course; Delicious grilled salmon

Grilled Salmon/ Mango/ Chili/ Tzatziki with fennel, so so good!

After lunch we walked along the water, it´s so nice to be home in Stockholm. Swedish summer rocks!

19:55 | June 27, 2011

Healthy Lunch and Sprinting for Dessert


Clean & Lean
Turkey breast fillet/ Leek/ Spinich/ Cauliflower

After lunch it was off to the gym for some sprinting for dessert. Ok, I absolutely hate the site of this treadmill dashboard. But honestly what´s getting me lean is my consistent weight training by following the programs that Cameron and I design, clean and lean diet and finally sprinting. 

There is a fun way to get your cardio up, and soon you will galloping like a  race horse. Setting a goal to run for 25-40 minutes on a treadmill will sound like a draining nightmare for anyone. Break it up! I do sets of interval sprinting. I run for 5 minutes and then I take a short break for not more than 60 seconds. In the break I do a set of sit-ups next to the treadmill. You will have time to do about 20 sit-ups.

Then its time to get your butt back on the treadmill again. Play with the speed, so for example after 2 minutes of running fairly fast you sprint as fast as you can, decrease the speed for a minute, and then increase it again. Mentally this is really helpful, it helps me to push myself and 5 minutes will not feel as draining when you are looking at this boring dashboard, and even be fun.

Repeat for 5 sets, in other words five times on the treadmill and five times of sit-ups off the treadmill. This is 30 minutes of cardio, more than enough time to induce body fat loss!!