10:58 | May 30, 2011

Rain & Sydney


Hej Hej,

It is a grey day in Sydney and the rain is absolutely pouring down today.

Even though it is such a grey day, I can still feel the birthday rush from yesterday. I had a fantastic day and I feel so fortunate to have so many nice people in my life.

A while ago I was down relaxing in Blues Point under the Sydney harbour bridge. I thought this message written in the sky was a little bit different. I would have liked it to be written to me, however this was not he case. It was still really cute…

7:02 | May 29, 2011

Sunday B-day Lunch



Last nights party at the penthouse at Ivy

Today is my Birthday and Cam has made reservation at Café Sydney. This place is just the perfect place in Sydney. The food is unbelievable and view of the harbour is breathtaking. Lunch at this place with people who you Love is just the best way to celebrate your birthday.

Café Sydney

Marique and Nick (Team Love)

The food at Café Sydney was unreal.

My super cute Birthday cake

Cam & Bas

Thank´s guys for an unforgettable B-day lunch.

9:23 | May 28, 2011




School is crazy busy right now, we are in the middle of exam weeks. The following two weeks I probably won´t sleep much. But tonight I´m taking a break and celebrating Cameron’s friends 30th. Hopefully it will be another type of crazy, I´ll report more about it tomorrow.

Have a crazy Saturday!

21:10 | May 24, 2011



Kim, Kimsan, Kimpa, Kimoluscious, Pim Pim, so many nicknames but non of them really explains how AMAZING this person is!


Kim Jakobsson

This is my best friend since second grade, throughout these 16 years we have had many unforgettable moments. The last two years we have been on different continents to build on our future careers. Although we have been exploring our own adventures across the globe, KIM is always in my thoughts.

Kim Jakobsson

KIM you are an AMAZING person, you are as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. From a young age Kim has taught me that “the sky is your limit” and “you are the Master of your own destiny”.  Your ambition, drive, intelligence and passion inspires me. I love you and miss you so much my friend.


12:30 | May 24, 2011

Silver Pants


I have had a very productive day today. First I had a major study session, after that an awesome workout, plus I manage to learn the media presentation tool PREZI. Like I said very productive.

Today I´m in silver disco pants

Hannah AnderssonAmarican Apparel Discopants/ SilverAmarican Apparel Discopants/ SilverAmerican Apparel Disco pants/ Silver               Giuseppe Zanotti/ ankle boots

Now time for dinner and Khloé & Lamar…